Injustice is 45 Million Slaves Without Freedom

4 Billion People Live Outside the Protection of the Law


More About Freedom 58

Our vision is for people who interact with Freedom 58, whether through Faces of Freedom Exhibit, our resources and tools or our justice blog, to leave with a greater understanding or at least curiosity about justice. Injustice is all around us. Whether concerned about the broken local school system, the gentrification happening in your city, the homeless or burdened for the millions in human trafficking, Freedom 58 wants to encourage you to take action. Justice matters.

Freedom 58 exists to meet you where you are in your justice journey; whether you are just beginning to think about injustices, human trafficking specifically, or you know the trafficking facts but are at a loss of what to do next.

We are a conduit to other organizations involved in the work of ending human trafficking. Freedom 58 is not on the ground rescuing trafficked victims but our partner organizations are. We want to lay your justice foundation. We have a vast array of resources to meet you where you are. Volunteering with our partner organizations, or other groups, will not happen if there is not an understanding of justice and its importance.  

Our hope is for you to be encouraged by the various work occurring around the globe to end human trafficking. We want you to be empowered to take and create ideas to take action right where you are in your community because justice matters. Everyday you have the choice to live out justice. Freedom 58 lives out justice through raising awareness, engaging communities and encouraging lifelong engagement in the fight to end human trafficking.


 Freedom 58 passionately empowers people to end oppression through:


There are more than 45 million slaves in the 

world today—more than the combined 

number of people sold during the 

trans-Atlantic slave trade. We raise 

awareness of those suffering

and give voice to their stories.


Freedom 58 engages students, churches 

and civic groups by helping them 

understand the role they play in ending

modern-day slavery. 


We encourage lifelong engagement 

by providing practical ways for people to 

get involved through collaborative 

partnerships with frontline organizations, 

news and prayer updates, and opportunities 

to engage elected officials.


Are you ready to join the fight for justice? You can bring victims freedom and healing by partnering with Freedom 58. Click HERE to learn more!


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