“For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face.” Psalm 11:7



…If the students in your ministry developed a fuller understanding of God.

…If conversations about justice introduced seekers to the God of Justice.

…If a generation of leaders were developed, whose witness to the world would shape justice for years to come.


Uni. of Colorado


Whether you work on the university campus or you are a student, you have been given a remarkable platform to engage university students—and the entire campus—about the reality of violence and God’s heart for justice.

Today’s college students are passionate about social issues, especially areas of injustice around the world. Conversations about justice engage students through a common desire to end modern-day slavery. As students explore their commitment for justice, they are invited to consider God’s heart for the vulnerable.

Justice reflects the heart of God and his commands to his followers. Inviting students to respond to injustice and oppression in your community and around the world challenges them to live the principles expressed in Micah 6:8, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Our goal, along with the Cru & IJM Justice Team, is to provide biblically-based resources that complement the work you’re already doing on the university campus: to help students understand God’s love for the oppressed, to actively speak out about issues that matter to God, and to walk with Him for a lifetime.

“My heart was revived after hearing Libby’s talk on justice.”

- John Waidley, Cru City Director

“Doing Soularium cards with a focus on justice led to the best day of ministry
I’ve ever had on campus.” – Cru staff member, Colorado State University

Through our partnership with the Cru & IJM Justice Team, we have developed and continue to develop various resources that can be used on the university campus.  Do you want to do something about injustice? Are you passionate about working with college students? Connect with the Cru & IJM Justice Team, justiceteam@cru.org, about the strategies and opportunities below.


The Cru & IJM Justice Team is ready to help you lead a Justice Week on your campus through:

Guest speakers - Invite Libby Swenson or a member of our team to join you at weekly meetings or outreach events

Promotional materials to help you publicize Justice Week

Teaching tools - Content for large group meetings, Bible studies, investigative focus groups, and follow up

Summer Projects and Internships

Take the next step on your justice journey by participating in a Cru summer project. The Cru & IJM Justice Team currently has summer opportunities to serve at the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana or in Southeast Asia. For more information visit

Justice Team Summer Mission

Staff & Internship Opportunities

Picture yourself helping launch justice movements on campuses around the U.S. or using your skills in accounting, graphic design, journalism, or marketing to help students hear the gospel or develop a deeper relationship with God.

As a staff member or intern with the Cru & IJM Justice Team, you can be a part of God’s work to restore, set free and give dignity! During your one or two year internship with the Cru & IJM Justice Team, you’ll help create new strategies to advance justice conversations on campus, gain leadership experience, hone your skills as a public speaker, and invest in something that will outlive you.

Job description for Cru & IJM staff and interns

To apply for a position with the Cru & IJM justice Team, go to http://www.cru.org/campus/go-internships.html and check the Justice Movement Intern box under the “Opportunities” section.