you will be like a well watered garden - Isaiah 58

More About Freedom 58 

Freedom 58 is a collaborative movement working to end modern-day slavery and violent oppression around the world. 

Like many of history’s most dynamic social movements, Freedom 58 emerged from the university environment. Libby Swenson, a long-term Cru staff member was looking for a way to expand her Cru Justice team and mobilize college students to fight for justice. She forged an innovative partnership between International Justice Mission (IJM) and Cru to form the Justice Coalition

Since it’s founding in 2009, Freedom 58 quickly recognized the need to mobilize the larger community to action in the fight to end modern-day slavery and violent oppression around the world. Freedom 58 has since expanded from universities to also serve churches and communities across the nation. There are many anti-trafficking organizations working to see this horrific injustice to humankind end in this century. Freedom 58 desires to come alongside these organizations, to promote their cause and raise funds for their valuable work by raising awareness of the issue; the issue of 45 million people living in modern-day slavery and violent oppression today.   

Meet the Team


 Bob Swenson   

 Founder & Faces of Freedom Managing Director   

  Bob is the vision behind Freedom 58 and the Faces of Freedom Exhibit. A former All-Pro linebacker, Bob played for the Denver       Broncos as a member of the legendary “Orange Crush” defense. After retiring from the NFL, he founded the FS Land                       development company and developed with his team, the 18,000 member Point Man Ambassador network for Promise             Keepers. Bob’s heart and passion is in mobilizing the work of justice and ending human trafficking.    





 Mark Pollard   

 Chairman of the Board — Leadership Consultant   

  Mark Pollard has extensive experience and insight in the areas of social action, strategic consulting, racial healing, leadership         mentoring & spiritual uplift. He has affirms change agents and challenges influencers to act more justly and grow the leadership     at Freedom 58 Project.


 Alyssa Wilson 

 Freedom 58 Art Director   

  Alyssa has always focused her work as an artist and activist to present truth and resolution to social issues. When she met the       founders of Faces of Freedom, she pursued her passions to work toward the mission of justice. Everything from event planning,     graphic design, to speaking, she uses her expertise in art to reveal beauty and its connection to justice.

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