Slavery has always been the height of human depravity


"My Justice Journey"

All of the great justice movements in history are undergirded with this spirit and power, and they appear to have one focal spokesperson, such as William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and many more who have stood in the face of horrific oppression in order to bring dignity to people that seemingly everyone but God had forgotten.  

However, behind every great movement there are literally thousands of volunteers building the momentum, each of which are on their own justice journey.  Subscribe to "My Justice Journey" blog and hear from Freedom 58 answer and wrestle with some of life’s most difficult questions. We also provide updates from our aftercare partners so you can be informed about people joining forces to end modern-day slavery and oppression.

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Oct 16, 2015

What Do You Have to Offer

The problem is enormous; 36 million individuals forced to work against their will, millions of children sold into sexual slavery, imprisoned in a criminal enterprise with profits of $150 billion annually. Believe me, sometimes when I think of the immense need and my minuscule resources, I want to hide in a corner, eat chocolate, and pretend none of it exists.

Oct 12, 2015

Created in the Maker's Image

“I don’t believe in a God that allows suffering in the world” “How can a good God allow bad things to happen?” During my walk with God, I really wrestled with that because I DO believe God is good but I also see that there is so much suffering in the world. How does that all make sense? Why couldn’t He just stop things as it were happening?

Oct 2, 2015

The Art of Neighbouring

One of the most disheartening observations that I and many others have seen is people loving God and neglecting their neighbours. It is a great challenge to love your family as yourself; let alone the troublesome neighbour in the cul-de-sac or someone equivalate to a samaritan in our own society. Our plate is full and the exhaustion is not worth it. Charles Spurgeon said “I never knew a man refuse to help the poor who failed to give at least one admirable excuse.”

Sep 28, 2015

Invisible Chains

Sep 21, 2015

The Search Is Over

Opportunities come and go, inevitably we make wrong decisions leading us from where we dreamed we’d be, while some choices lead you to unexpected joy and redemption—so then why are we careful to handle decisions so delicately like a land-mine waiting to catch us in misdirection?