"...can come together to give freedom to the oppressed."

The House of Light

I love to dream. I love it even more when dreams are realized. A year ago I had a dream. It was a dream that started on a trip to Kolkata when I met some Nun's who were all about Jesus and justice. We call them the Ninja Nuns because they run alongside the International Justice Mission on rescue's into brothels. When I met them, Sister Lissi told me of her hope to turn their home into a place to love and care for the young girls who were being rescued. It would take a lot of money to renovate their current space and a partnership to see it through. When I returned to the States and shared this with my husband Sean, it was clear that we were being called to partner with them until that dream, the House of Light, was realized.

Along the way good friends of ours, Bonnie and Spud Sanders, joined the partnership. I am thrilled to say that what was only a dream a year ago is becoming a reality! We have just completed what we call phase one of the renovation project for the House of Light, having raised and sent $11,000! There are new bathrooms and space to eat and work now. Girls are being placed there and pain is turning to beauty. Now we can begin phase 2 which will triple the capacity for the house and develop a training center.


As I write this, a text just came from another friend with CRU that read: "Students are raising money for the House of Light! What is the account number?" (Be a part of the project HERE) Another email sits in my inbox saying, We are hosting a justice week and want to give the money to the House of Light. My heart is bursting with hope and anticipation of seeing the dream not only become a reality but exceed what I had hoped.

I want to share an email from our partner with IJM in India who introduced me to the Ninja Nuns:

"Greetings and thank you for this help. I am sure that this would be seen as a great step in the history of missions, to know how the Evangelicals and Catholics can come together to give freedom to the oppressed. Please let your partners and friends know our gratitude towards the expression of love and commitment to the girls in Kolkata. I know that much effort from your side have gone behind the scene and may God bless you for all efforts."

It is our great desire to see a reflection of God's kingdom in this project which we call the "House of Light."

For Jesus and Justice,

​Shandra Galloway​