"We had the privilege of entering into the suffering of others."

Unleash Release Restore

I recently attended a conference hosted by one of our partner organizations. It was a prayer gathering where we got to hear the stories of men and women who were trafficked from all over the world. And I can say, it was one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever gone through. Through this event I discovered how beautiful and fulfilling the gift of prayer and intercession can be. While there, we were given the opportunity to sit in different rooms designated to a specific office in the field and to listen to more in depth stories about people’s lives impacted by the work. We had the privilege of entering into the suffering of others and we had the honor of laboring in prayer and grieving with the brokenhearted. After all, it is a gift to labor for Christ isn’t it? We KNOW that He is the God who comforts all in their time of need and I considered it an incredible honor to labor in prayer asking and eagerly awaiting for God to pull through and do the impossible—to put an end to modern day slavery. Over the span of the conference I was prompted to pray for three things:

Unleash: That God would unleash his power and that God’s river of justice would overflow its banks in the midst of much suffering.

Release: That God would release the bondage of those in the midst of trafficking. Moreover, that He would release men and women from their spiritual bondage and awaken their conscious to see that there is a God who cares, who loves, and who can identify with their suffering.

Restore: That God would restore those who were once in bondage. I prayed these men and women would hear Jesus rejoice over them with gladness knowing that God will give them a new song and a new season of healing. I prayed these survivors’ voices would be strengthened, giving them the ability to be bold and courageous!

Will you labor with me in prayer for God to do the impossible? God’s desire is to see His people unleashed in newfound freedom, released from bondage, and restored in His name!


Lola Adebimpe