Some causes are a privilege to support


We believe modern-day slavery and other forms of violent oppression represent mankind’s deepest depravity. People being held against their will, forced to labor under harsh conditions, live under threats of violence, and suffer abuse many of us can only imagine.

You can help end this injustice by linking arms with Freedom 58! Financial partners play a vital role in this growing movement to combat injustice. Would you join us as a monthly partner or a give a one-time gift to support this critical work?


         DONATE VIA PAYPAL                                                                                                                     


Your gift Supports:

The Faces of Freedom exhibit

            Help us take this              compelling art experience       to even more campuses, church, or civic venues


Cru & IJM Justice Weeks

Help us build the “justice generation” by equipping young leaders for a lifetime of influence


Web support and marketing materials for local outreach.

Collaborative Partners

A percentage of donations go to support the work of our        collaborative partners who work on the front lines of  the battle against injustice worldwide.

You can take on the cause of ending slavery and other forms of violent oppression by individual and corporate contributions, matching funds, or large gifts. All donations are tax deductible. 

For more information about corporate involvement, large gifts, church support, or giving through the Summit Fellowship, email