A Call to Repurpose our freedom



On a typical day, we enjoy innumerable things that we take for granted.  Count them… we did.  From taking a hot shower, sleeping in a bed, sending an email, making a phone call to loved ones, eating three meals a day, watching TV, enjoying a movie, listening to music, making a decision, hanging out with friends, grabbing a latte, going on a walk, setting goals, sending a tweet, to turning off the lights before we go to bed, we enjoy countless things we consider normal that the majority of the world would count as an unbelievable privilege.  Today 45 million people who live in slavery do not experience the freedom of making simple choices.  They are ruled by someone else - someone who takes away their life, liberty and dignity.      

How Can We Repurpose Our Freedom?

  • Sacrifice a time to start a Justice Movement
  • Sacrifice a prized possession to seed a Justice Week
  • Sacrifice something significant to give to someone who can give nothing back

What Other Students Have Done