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Faces of Freedom:

Voices Calling for an End to Modern-Day Slavery


The Faces of Freedom art exhibit consists of over 230 oil paintings that highlight survivors’ stories and the anti-trafficking organizations that are supporting these survivors and creating movements to end slavery in our lifetime.

“We believe artists have a unique ability to express a survivor's hopes and dreams. When the fabric of life has unraveled, artists replace injustice with dignity, beauty and honor. Through the Faces of Freedom art exhibit, artists utilize their talents to bring light to the true stories behind the scourge of slavery and violent oppression.” 

- Bob Swenson, Co-Founder, Freedom 58

The exhibit invites visitors to follow survivors’ real-life journeys from oppression to rescue, restoration, and ultimately freedom. The paintings, each crafted by an accomplished artist, give viewers a chance to enter into a victim’s experience, reflect on their own stories of injustice, and be inspired to take action.

As visitors walk through the exhibit viewing the paintings and reading numerous stories, they are encouraged to consider a series of questions as they view each painting, and then they are invited to learn practical ways to join the fight against oppression.

If you are interested in displaying one large painting in a high traffic venue such as an airport, please contacts us for information at

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